Monday, April 7, 2008

Senate OKs War with Iran!

You didn’t see the headlines? Well, admittedly, it was in small type, and one has to fill in the gaps. But it’s there, more certain than the outcome of the attack in the Tonkin Gulf.

On September 2 the Senate approved 76-22, a resolution sponsored by that defender of Israel, Joe Lieberman, asking the State Department to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. And the State Department does whatever the Senate asks, right? Especially if the Decider wants it done! Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and John Edwards voted for the resolution, although polls indicate the American public does not want to go to war with Iran.

Why, you may ask? Well, Seymour Hersh gives the answer—money, and lots of it (, see also And this means illegal war (by international standards), because (leading up to the attack on Afghanistan) the president was given to authority to attack terrorist organization regardless of their location. And Obama, Clinton, and Edwards knew it.

The background is that the complex-controlled media has “failed” to rally the American people into an outright war with Iran (despite remarkably heavy propaganda to that effect). So, the decision has been made to use a “back door”.

Up until now, “terrorist organizations” have not been state institutions. Put state terrorism to the side—Israeli or American--that’s another issue. But the Revolutionary Guard is an official agency of the Iranian military. So now, Bush will soon have the authority to attack part of Iran’s military. Does anyone doubt that the State Department (read Condoleezza Rice) will make that designation?

Many analysts have identified the essential issue—key Zionists and neo-conservatives perceive Iran to be an “existential threat”. This kind of threat, and the fear it generates, cannot be assuaged with logic or human discourse. It must be destroyed! Much like we destroy the Enemy Without who reminds us of the evil Within, which we project on the Other.

The sensible thing to do with a person possessed by such an obsession would be to protect them from themselves, calm them down, open the closet door—but neither the Decider, nor his democratic challengers, are sensible in this sense.

Can you spell, “Tonkin Gulf”?


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